Traffic Arbitrage

This eBook is an introductory guide into the world of Traffic Arbitrage. Here you will find info about everything you will need in order to start this business, such as how to build a site, create content, acquire traffic and how to monetize it.



Definitions Explained

Authority Site

Authority Site - is a trusted, respectable site that has unique, constantly updated high quality content that is useful to visitors. Authority site can cover one or variety of niches and usually has a high traffic flow.


AdServer is a technology that let you program your ad serving according to your needs and squeeze maximum monetization. AdServer is highly recommended for increasing ROI especially when you work with multiple advertisers.

Fill Rate

Fill Rate - is a measurement of how many impressions from your site was actually sold, "filled" with paid advertising.


This eBook has all necessary info about Traffic Arbitrage and based on those questions that we receive from users contacting us. It will be constantly updated to cover new and most important topics. In this book you will find explanation of necessary terms used in this business, advices on website layout to bring higher monetization from ads, understanding ad formats and usage, traffic sources and differences between them, selling traffic to ad networks and which one is better, ad sever management and increasing ROI.

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